Distinction Home Care Services

What is a live-in caregivers?

Live-in caregivers are individuals who are qualified to provide care for children, elderly persons or persons with disabilities in private homes without supervision. Live-in caregivers must live in the private home where they work in Canada.

Both the employer and the employee must follow several steps to meet the requirements of the Live-In Caregiver Program.

What happens if the caregiver or the employer decided to terminate employment?

A caregiver or employer can terminate employment at any time as long as there is a proprer notice or termination pay in lieu of notice. If the caregiver decided to terminate employment for whatever reasons, he or she can seek for another employment as long as the work permit is valid.  If the employer terminates employment for whatever reasons, he or she can hire another live-in caregiver suitable for her needs by submitting another application to HRDC/Service Canada for job offer confirmation. Employer can only employ one live -in caregiver unless otherwise there is a special needs required to hire two caregivers.

What is the employer-employee contract?

Employers wishing to hire live-in caregivers must prepare, sign and submit to HRSDC/Service Canada an employment contract. A signed copy must be attached to the employer's application for a labour market opinion. Upon receipt of a letter of confirmation from HRSDC/Service Canada, employers must send a copy of the signed contract and the HRSDC/Service Canada confirmation letter to the caregiver. The caregiver will need to sign the contract and submit these documents to CIC when applying for their work permit.

In the event where differences arise between you and the foreign caregiver, the contract will guide the resolution of disputes.

What happens if the employer-employee contract ends after one year?

An employer who wishes to retain their caregiver beyond the first year simply has to give the caregiver a letter confirming the employment offer for a specific period of time. The caregiver then obtains the Application to Change Terms and Conditions or Extend your Stay in Canada ( IMM 1249) from CIC, complete the application, including copy of the confirmation, signed employer/employee contract as well as the applicable fee and mail to Citizenship and Immigration - Case Processing Centre, 6212-55th Avenue Unit 202 Vegreville, Alberta T9C 1X6.

Please note that the Immigration application appears to require a new Labour Market Opinion confirmation. However, this is not the case with renewals.

Are employers required to register and pay for Workplace Safety and Insurance for the caregiver?

When an employer hires a caregiver to work in a home, that employer is considered a residential employer. To protect the caregiver against workplace hazards, employers of live-in caregivers must enroll their caregivers in provincial/territorial workplace insurance (also called worker's compensation board) within 30 days of hiring a caregiver. For more information, please contact WSIB at 1-800-663-6639 or visit  www.wsib.on.ca

What is your agency fee?

Our fee is the first month salary net + HST for employers who hires a full-time caregiver and is payable upon employment. However, if the employer requires a trial period, we can allow one week before any payment is due. A flat fee of $450.00 is charged for employers who wish to hire a casual or part-time caregiver from one to two months period. A rate of $15.00/hr is charged for someone who wish to hire a caregiver for few hours (minimum 4 hours).

Does Distinction Home Care have a guarantee for their placement?

All services are guaranteed for 3 months upon employment. This means that if the placement does not work out for the employer, we will find a replacement at no cost to the employer. However, employers must follow rules and regulations stipulated on the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB). Otherwise, replacement warranty will expire automatically.

Please note that our guarantee is only valid if the fee is paid in strict accordance with the payment schedule stipulated in Placement Contract.

How long does it take to sponsor a person overseas to work in Canada?

Hiring a foreign live-in caregiver from overseas varies from one country to another.
Philippines: 12 months to 18 months
Hongkong/Singapore/Taiwan/Libya/Israel/Saudi Arabia: 4 to 6 months

What is the process for selecting the right candidate for the job?

The process of selecting a candidate depends on the client's needs. Our candidate database can be queried based on any key information such as skills, education, and work experience. We will only consider the right and qualified candidate depending on clients needs and expectation.

What are the general requirements for the Live-In Caregiver Program as of April 1, 2010?

You can find general information on the Human Resources and Skills Development Canada at www.hrsdc.gc.ca/eng/workplaceskills/foreign_workers/questions-answers/lcp.shtml